How to Obtain a Contractor’s License in New Hampshire

It’d be pretty simple to call yourself a contractor, buy a few tools and a work truck, and make money. But, it’s not that easy to build houses, put roofs on home, or perform the other services that a contractor offers. It is important to complete the necessary licensing to earn a new hampshire contractor license and do things the right way! It is illegal to perform this work without a license from the state.

Aside from the legal aspects of things, if you attempt to work without a license, getting business may not be so easy. When a homeowner is spending such large amounts of money on something as important as their home, they want someone they know will do the job the right way. They need experts there and certifications and licenses show that you have the expertise and skills to get things done.

new hampshire contractor license

To earn a contractor’s license in the state, you must first complete a state testing to ensure that you know how to safely and effectively complete the jobs that you’ll be hired to complete. You must first choose your licensing class, which affects the material that you learn and the depth of knowledge you will gain. There is a fee to take the test as well as for the license if you pass all the necessary requirements to earn the certification.

Once you obtain your license, you’ll need to then become bonded and purchase contractors insurance. It is up to you to decide at this point if you wish to work for a company or for yourself. Both options are available, each delivering their own perks and disadvantages for the new contractor. Discuss these benefits with your instructor if you need more help or information.