Interesting Facts About Trains

Are you someone who loves trains? Whether you work on a rail line or simply find the locomotive fascinating, here are a few fun facts that you might like to know.

·    Train conductors use inventory management lake bluff il services to obtain their products and parts. This allows them to keep better track of their supplies and eases some of the costs as well.

·    The first steam locomotive in the U.S. lost a race to a race horse!

·    James Watt invented the first patent for a stationary steam engine in the early 1800s.

·    Almost 40% of all cargo is transported via a train.

·    The first steam locomotive in the U.S. was imported in 1830 from England.

·    London is home to the first underground railway.

·    The longest train station in England is the size of six football fields at 600 meters in length.

·    The Great Depression threatened to ruin the rail industry.

·    More than 15,000 kM of working railways can be found in England.

·    Trains were a big part of the reason why America won the Civil War!

·    A bullet train can reach speeds of up to 300 MPH.

·    Peter Cooper designed one of the first locomotive steam engines. He named the engine Tom Thumb.

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·    There are train museums and galleries at locations across the world, giving visitors a glimpse into the history of the locomotive and the chance to explore some great trains up close and personal.

Now that you have these interesting facts about trains in mind, don’t you want even more to enjoy a ride on a locomotive or explore them more closely?  There is no question that trains have long been a part of our world, helping make transportation possible. If you’ve yet to discover the fun that trains implore, what are you waiting for?